1. How often does my reel need service?
Answer: It depends on how much you fish. We recommend cleaning and lubricating your reel once a year, more often if you are an avid fisherman.

2. Grease or Oil?
Answer: This is one of our most frequently asked questions. We recommend using a light coating of grease on all gears. Use a light based oil on all bearings and inside the worm gear that drives the levelwind. Be careful not to over lubricate the reel as this will cut down performance.

3. Why is my drag not working?
Answer: This is another of our frequently asked questions. 99% of our customers who ask this question are using some kind of braided line. It is not actually the drag but probably the line slipping on the spool. The best way to check your reel is to mark the side of the spool above the line, tighten your star drag all the way, put your thumb on the spool of line and turn the handle. If the mark moves, your line is slipping. The best remedy is to either tape the knot to the spool with electrical tape or use monofilament line as a backer.

4. Why is my levelwind hanging on one side?
Answer: More than likely the pawl is worn out. The pawl is inside the screw that is usually located on the bottom of the line guide. These pawls are fairly easy to change and relatively inexpensive, around $2.50 each depending on your reel model. It's a good idea when replacing the pawl to turn your reel over and check the worm gear. The worm gear is the long gear with groves cut in it that the pawl fits inside. Rounded off edges or a brass color showing usually indicates a worn worm gear.

5. How do I determine if my Abu-Garcia reel is covered under the liftetime warranty?
Answer: Any ambassadeur reel manufactured from 1984-1991 is covered under the lifetime warranty. You can locate you serial number on the bottom of the reel foot which will tell you the date your reel was manufactured. Normally, the first 2 numbers in the serial number is the manufacturer's date. Example: 85-0 86-87 indicates a 1985 model reel.

6. Why is my reel noisy on cast?
Answer: Everyone assumes that if a reel is noisy it is the bearings. This is not always the case. There is a number of different reasons that can make this noise. First, try a "light" drop of oil on the break blocks. Secondly, if your levelwind tracks during cast it may be the cog gear and spool pinion that drives it. A drop of oil on the cog gear post and a light coat of grease on the gear teeth will take care of this problem. If you try one or both of these and still have noise, it is then probably the bearings.
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